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We specialize in the manufacture of Active Optical Cables along with data Cables, Connectors, Adapters & Converters for the Audio, Video & Computer markets that gives our Clients an edge over the competition. By working with Customers of all levels on a daily basis, we have the ability to develop our products and services through the use of leading edge technology.

Our products cover virtually every communication application. They are the ultimate solution that will not only meet your current requirements, but your future ones too, with greater bandwidths, enhanced durability, and easier installation.

Technology moves fast and we keep up.

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SPEED - CONNECTIVITY - DEFINITION Whatever type of Fibre cable you require we can supply

We supply a full suite of fibre optic solutions and connectivity products that will deliver and manage network traffic reliably over fibre optics.

Our Fibre Patch Cords range offers choices of any length, connector types and either PVC or LSZH sheath, All of our cable assemblies are composed of our top quality Ceramic Ferrules and Fibre Connectors housings ensuring a stable performance at a high quality level. Besides standard Fibre Patch cord, we also offer other types of Fibre Patch cord assemblies, Armoured fibre patch cord, Waterproof fibre pigtail for different applications.

We guarantee that all our products are tested before shipping to insure that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition.

ALL our products Meet the TIA/EIA 492AAAA and IEC60793-2-10 A1b standards and complies with RoHS specifications.

Support Higher Bandwidths in Data Networks with OM5 Multimode 50/125 Fibre Patch Cable

As the amount of traffic in data networks grows, so does the need for next generation devices and fibre cables to support higher bandwidths. OM5 Duplex Multimode 50/125 Fibre Patch Cable is a wide-band multimode fibre solution that supports at least four wavelengths in the 850-950 nm range. These multimode fibre optic patch cables are well-suited for 40/100 Gb Ethernet applications up to 300 meters (at 850 nm).

Use with VCSEL Light Sources for a Cost-Effective, High-Bandwidth Solution

The N820-03M-OM5 is a laser-optimised multimode fibre cable designed for use with vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers to offer a cost-effective, high-bandwidth solution over extended distances in the 850-950 nm wavelength range. It is commonly used in LANs, SANs and high-speed parallel interconnects for head-ends, central offices and data centres.

Experience Reliable Performance.

Premium materials ensure this multimode fibre cable reliably carries data and voice signals. These cables feature a low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) jacket that limits the amount of toxic smoke emitted in case of combustion, making it suitable for poorly ventilated areas. The lime green colour of the jacket identifies the cable as OM5 rated. It meets current IEEE 802.3ae and TIA LOMMF standards.

Employ OM5 Cable for Backward Compatibility and Future Proofing

Rated OM5, the N820-03M-OM5 cable is backward compatible with existing OM3- and OM4-rated 50/125 fiber solutions. These multimode fibre optic cables are also be used with shortwave wavelength division multiplexing technology to provide transmission over longer distances in the 850-950 nm wavelength range than OM3- and OM4-rated cables. Plus, the OM5 cables will be compatible with SWDM solutions in future networks with even higher bandwidths.

NEW 100G Duplex Multimode 50/125 OM5 LSZH Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Types Available




Provides an upgrade path from 40 Gbps to 100 Gbps

Backwards compatible with OM3 and OM4

LSZH - 50/125 - 2.0mm - UPC